NBPA Top 100 Camp Day 1 Recap

There was elite talent everywhere you looked during the first day of the NBPA Top 100 camp and every game had numerous top 50 talents. One team even had a top 50 prospect at each position. With all of this great competition we had the chance to get an excellent look at some of the top guys in the class of 2012 and class of 2013. Take a look below to see who the standouts were and don’t forget to check out our recruiting notes from day one.


Mitch McGary ¦ Not Ranked ¦ Power Forward ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

McGary was one of the best players in the beginning part of the camp as he started the game off with a couple of nice mid-range jumpers complimented with some scoring moves in the interior. He rebounded, handled the ball, blocked shots and did a variety of other things well that helped his team. However, one of his best attributes is his hustle and motor. When he runs the floor he opens up a lot more scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates and when he gets back on defense he prevents easy buckets.

T.J. Warren ¦ Rank: #47 ¦ Small Forward ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

Warren was one of the standouts in the first set of games as he shot well from all around the floor and showed good aggressiveness. He hit almost every shot he took from deep three-pointers to tough mid-range jumpers to hard-earned buckets in the lane. He was one of the leading scorers after the morning session with 17 points (tied for second) and also showed good shot-selection as he didn’t take one bad shot. Warren was able to consistently get in the lane and converted on practically every scoring opportunity he had. He also made no major mistakes and played intelligently.

Codi Miller-McIntyre ¦ Not Ranked ¦ Point Guard ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

Miller-McIntyre was another standout in the first set of games that surprised many by displaying a sweet shooting stroke and the ability to make plays. He also had a nice mid-range game and displayed range by making multiple deep threes. He’s a prospect to keep an eye on as the camp progresses and his competition gets even tougher. Miller-McIntyre was also very clutch in the first day of the camp as he knocked down a baseline jumper to give his squad the win in over time (pictured to the left).

Shawn Smith ¦ Rank: #49 ¦ Shooting Guard ¦ Central Florida ¦ 2012

Smith was impressive in the first set of games as he constantly got into the lane and used his court vision to make good passes when the defense collapsed on him. He displayed very good quickness and got by his defender and also made some perimeter shots that kept the defense honest. He also displayed tremendous body control and was able to weave in and out of traffic and make shots over space-eating big men. Expect Smith to climb the rankings a bit if he keeps combining consistent shot-making with excellent slashing skills.

Kevin Ferrell (#18) vs. Marcus Paige (#16 — North Carolina)

This was the match-up I was looking forward to all day — the number one point guard in the class versus the number two guy. Ferrell was one of the most impressive players between his quickness, ball-handling skills and shooting ability. He also made a few nice passes and used his explosiveness and quick first step to get by his defender which opened up many scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates. On the other hand, Paige made several nice passes and was able to anticipate when his teammates would be open before they were.

D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera ¦ Rank: #32 ¦ Point Guard ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

Smith-Rivera was a standout today and used his physicality to score around the basket. He crashed the boards and did an excellent job passing the ball around the basket which resulted in a lot of easy points for the big men on his team. He also displayed an impressive spin move that was followed by a fade-away jumper that is nearly impossible to guard. Another thing that was impressive about him was his general ability to put the ball in the basket one way or another. He always seemed to score or set up a teammate to score if he was close to the bucket.

Rasheed Sulaimon ¦ Rank: #14 ¦ Shooting Guard ¦ Duke ¦ 2012

Sulaimon was the best shooting guard on day one as he a fantastic job of scoring in a variety of ways. He shot well from the perimeter, made some mid-range jumper and consistently got in the lane. He also displayed improved ball-handling and did a great job of creating scoring opportunities for his teammates. However, the most impressive thing about him was how clutch he was. We previously mentioned class of 2012 point guard Codi Miller-McIntyre’s game-winning shot in overtime but that wouldn’t have been necessary if Sulaimon didn’t hit a tough, long three-pointer at the end of regulation.

Just Missed the Cut

J.P. Tokoto ¦ Rank: #35 ¦ Small Forward ¦ North Carolina ¦ 2012

Tokoto showed off his strength, size and athleticism yesterday as he excelled in transition and finished through contact beautifully. He finished with 14 points in a 96-78 win and was versatile on defense since he played well both inside and out. I head one scout say that if Tokoto becomes an average or above average shooter, then he will be a great player, something I generally agree with.

Anthony Bennett ¦ Rank: NR ¦ Power Forward ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

Bennett has been one of the rising stars this summer and continued that streak on day one as he played well defensively and is a very tough, physical and aggressive prospect. He attacks the offensive glass with no mercy and showed the ability to step out and knock down the perimeter shot. He’s an all-around good player who continues to get better and utilizes his strength and size to his advantage. Bennett finished with 11 points in a 96-78 win.

Gary Harris ¦ Rank: #13 ¦ Shooting Guard ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

Harris impressed on the defensive end as he used his athleticism and explosiveness to block and alter shots, even if he couldn’t get a hand on them. He was able to keep his opponent out of the lane and displayed the ability to shoot from the perimeter. He is another guy that plays well in transition and is an elite prospect who continues to improve every time I see him play. He is also fantastic in getting to the basket and slashing into the lane seemingly at will. Harris finished with eight points in a 96-78 win in his first game at the Top 100 Camp.

James Robinson ¦ Rank: NR ¦ Point Guard ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

Robinson impressed me yesterday with his ability to both be a scorer and a distributor. He exhibited a superb jump shot from the mid-range game and finished well around the rim. He also made some nice passes and was able to create separation between him and his defender consistently. He doesn’t have the tools to become an elite guard but he keeps getting better and is a smart player. Robinson finished with nine points in a 96-78 win to begin the camp.

Anton Gill ¦ Not Ranked ¦ Shooting Guard ¦ Undecided ¦ 2013

Gill is a great athlete who consistently makes shots from both the three-point line and mid-range game. He also finishes well through contact and excels in transition where he like to finish above the rim. Gill displayed good quickness as well and has the potential to be a very good defender. He is an ever-improving player so expect him to crack the top 25 in the class of 2013 the next time we update our rankings.

Everyone Else

Daniel Ochefu ¦ Rank: #21 ¦ Center ¦ Villanova ¦ 2012

Ochefu played well defensively by blocking shots and getting his hands into the passing lanes. He has very active hands and makes it hard for opponents to operate in the interior while he’s there. Ochefu did a great job finishing above and around the rim as well and will not be stopped once he leaves his feet. He also showed an improved post game and a better interior scoring skill set. Ochefu finished with 12 points in a 96-78 win in his first appearance at the Top 100 Camp.

Braxton Ogbueze ¦ Rank: #37 ¦ Point Guard ¦ Florida ¦ 2012

Ogbueze displayed good speed, quickness and explosiveness to begin the NBPA Top 100 Camp. He consistently got by his man because of his quick first step and effective cross-over and displayed a nice spin move which also gave him some room to operate. His mid-range game was good as well and he was one of the better slashing guards of the day as his opponents couldn’t keep him out of the lane.

Evan Nolte ¦ Rank: NR ¦ Small Forward ¦ Virginia ¦ 2012

Nolte confirmed my earlier thoughts about him – that he’s a hard-working and plays to win the game rather than for his individual stats. He played well on both ends of the court as he displayed a nice three-point stroke and cleaned up the glass on offense and defense. Although, he played good defense, his slow lateral quickness hurt him since it’s more difficult for him to keep his opponent of his lane. However, the great thing about Nolte is he will finish plays on the offensive end by chasing rebounds and lose balls, will run the court and make the selfless pass, and will provide good help side defense.

Adam Woodbury ¦ Rank: NR ¦ Center ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

Woodbury was often disappointing on the offensive end while in the paint but played well on defense and made good passes out of the low post to slashing teammates and guys open on the perimeter. He utilized his height and length as he accumulated a decent number of blocks and ran the court well. He also displayed the ability to knock down the 15-foot jump shot and ran the court well.

Andre Drummond ¦ Rank: #1 ¦ Center ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

Drummond was the biggest disappointment in the first set of games today as he created several scoring opportunities for himself yet failed to convert on all of them. Although he was solid on defense and rebounding he wasn’t dominant and failed to play anywhere close to what he’s capable of doing. However, the bright side is that he did do a good job of getting himself good looks at the basket whether it was a quick and effective spin move in the post or a step-back jumper from the free-throw line. He also says he played with a stomach virus which certainly seemed to have played a role in his performance.

Amile Jefferson ¦ Rank: #11 ¦ Power Forward ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

Jefferson has excellent length and versatility and did a good job of impacting the game in a variety of ways. However, he could have played better since he spent too much time out on the perimeter and not enough in the low post. He also ran the floor well and did a good job of rebounding and being selfless when he had the ball.

Alex Caruso ¦ Rank: NR ¦ Small Forward ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

Just one week removed from his break-out performance at the Pangos All-American Camp, Caruso did numerous things well in every phase of the game. He played good defense, passed well, showed the ability to handle and the ball and ran the floor well. However, Caruso did take some unnecessary risks on defense which resulted in silly fouls and five-on-four breaks for his opponents.

J-Mychal Reese ¦ Rank: #38 ¦ Point Guard ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

Reese was a good floor general in his first game at the camp as he made several impressive passes and anticipated when his teammates would get open before they did. He excelled in transition as he consistently found the open man and made the smart decision. The highlight of the morning for Reese was when he made a pass between his opponent’s legs’ in transition while the defender was running. The pass found its way to Reese’s teammate and ended up being an easy bucket.

Landen Lucas ¦ Rank: NR ¦ Power Forward ¦ Michigan State ¦ 2012

Lucas has excellent size and strength and was battling it out in the paint throughout the whole game. However, other than his physical tools, he didn’t show much and one of his biggest defects was his bad attitude that he showed after a few calls by the referees. I was expecting more out of the future Spartan and hope this was a minor speed bump instead of a developing trend.

Allerik Freeman ¦ Rank: NR ¦ Point Guard ¦ Undecided ¦ 2013

The 2013 guard consistently displayed very good ball-handling skills and the ability to create separation between him and his defender. He exhibited an impressive crossover combined with a step-back jumper that is very difficult to defend (although elite defender Gary Harris (#12) did a good job against it). Freeman also did a good job of anticipating on defense which netted him a couple of steals.

Rosco Allen ¦ Rank: #27 ¦ Small Forward ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

Allen was an all-around good player who is versatile and affects the game in many ways. He ran the floor well, rebounded and shot well and did a good job on defense. He wasn’t spectacular in any particular areas but he didn’t make any critical mistakes and didn’t hurt the team in any phase of the game.

Devonta Pollard ¦ Rank: #40 ¦ Small Forward ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

Pollard has great size and length which enables him to be an effective shot-blocker. He also has a nice stroke around the basket and does a good job of simply getting the ball into the basket when he’s in the interior. He ran the floor well too and was able to create scoring opportunities for his teammates.

Nerlens Noel ¦ Watch List ¦ Center ¦ Undecided ¦ 2013

Noel wasn’t as impactful as I had hoped but it’s tough to standout when you’re surrounded by impact players. He did what he needed to do to help his team which was rebound and be a defensive presence but didn’t offer anything more. It will be interesting to see how his role on the offensive end develops as his team progresses throughout the camp.

Michael Frazier II ¦ Rank: #41 ¦ Shooting Guard ¦ Florida ¦ 2012

Frazier did an excellent job shooting in the first set of games at the Top 100 camp from all over the floor. He is a natural shooter who has very good range and can make difficult shots in the mid-range game. He did a good job of creating separation to get shots off and consistently converted on those open looks.

Joel James ¦ Rank: NR ¦ Power Forward ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

James has a great frame because of his tremendous size and strength. He is a good shooter around the basket and has improved his foot work in the paint which has improved his balance and scoring ability. He was also an effective rebounder and a solid shot-blocker. James is a big-bodied big man that has his way with opposing forwards and centers in the paint.

*All photos courtesy of Daryl Paunil, National Recruiting Spotlight’s Photographer.

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