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Shabazz Muhammad Interview/ Off The Boards Collaboration

Skip to 102:00 to hear the Interview

We are happy to announce that we are collaborating with a blog talk radio show, Off The Boards, hosted by Coach Bill, and will be posting their interviews with top prospects on National Recruiting Spotlight (NRS). Coach Bill focuses more on player development and discussing the strengths and weaknesses of each player as well as occasionally discussing recruiting. He talks extensively with recruits and this is a great addition to NRS.

Don’t miss Coach Bill’s latest interview with class of 2012 small forward Shabazz Muhammad (#3) in which they discuss Muhammad’s growth as both a player and a person over the past year and much more. We will be posting these audio links in the “interviews” section and are happy to collaborate to bring you the latest interviews with top prospects. You can listen to all of Coach’s Bill’s radio shows at Off The Boards and follow him on Twitter.

Check out the Muhammad interview here and be sure to check back often for other interviews that Coach Bill will be conducting.

One comment on “Shabazz Muhammad Interview/ Off The Boards Collaboration

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