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Twitter Trouble

Memphis head coach Josh Pastner's sister may have committed a recruiting violation.

Memphis head coach Josh Pastner‘s sister, Courtney Pastner, may have committed a recruiting violation this week when she tweeted at Class of 2012 shooting guard Rodney Purvis (#7).

Pastner sent a 16-word message to the best guard in the junior class Sunday which simply consoled Purvis after he tweeted about losing a game. However, public and direct contact via social media is not allowed between someone affiliated with a university and a potential recruit, which is why the tweet may be impermissible.

Basically, what will determine whether this is a recruiting violation or not is if Pastner is considered “someone affiliated with the institution.” Although she isn’t employed by Memphis or officially connected to them, I feel it’s reasonable to say that given her relationship with the head coach of the Tigers that she should be considered “affiliated with the institution.”

The other thing that doesn’t help Pastner’s case is that she admitted in the same tweet that she attended Purvis’ EYBL game in Los Angeles, California, and that the timing of the tweet is just a day after Purvis added Memphis to the list.

Courtney Pastner's potentially illegal tweet. Do you think Memphis should be punished?

However, if you just step back and look at this from a common sense perspective you’ll likely conclude that this whole situation is pretty ridiculous. It is especially ridiculous since fans tell recruits all the time to go their favorite school but that’s illegal (bet you didn’t know that) and the NCAA does nothing about it (although, can they?) and all Pastner did was c0nsole a high school kid after he lost a game.

This particular situation has no precedent in NCAA disciplinary history so hopefully the NCAA just gives the Tigers a warning and the incident blows over.

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