Mailbag Question: Who has the most potential (Class of 2012)?

“Who in your top 50 in the class of 2012 has the most potential to move up in the rankings?”– Jonathon B. (Sarasota, Florida)

There are three prospects who I think could make big jumps in the class of 2012 top 50 rankings: point guard Kyle Anderson (#22), small forward Indiana-commit Jeremy Hollowell (#39) and small forward Maryland-commit Justin Anderson (#45). Anderson will surely move up in the next updated rankings because he has decided what position he wants to play at the next level, point guard. He is a very unique player since he is 6’7” yet has tremendous court vision and passing abilities. He is also a very intelligent player and always makes the smart play. Anderson obviously has great length as well for a point guard and will be tough to drive around. However, he needs to improve on his shooting, particularly his three-point shooting but he will be a very good floor general in college.

Hollowell is a very talented wing-player who is a great slasher that has good length and athleticism. He is also a solid ball-handler and respectable shooter but given his talent, Hollowell could be a top 25 player. His biggest problem is how inconsistent he is. He has games where he simply isn’t a factor and doesn’t contribute nearly as much as he could. He needs to be more assertive and can improve his shooting consistency behind the arc and his strength as well to reach his full potential. However, look for him to step up his performances and to climb the rankings since he is one of the best slashers in the class of 2012.

Justin Anderson is one of the best, if not the best, athletes in the class of 2012. He is also one of the best slashers in his class and gets into the lane whenever he wants to. Once in the lane, he is unstoppable around the rim and finishes with authority. Anderson runs the floor extremely well too and is dangerous in transition. However, the reason he is ranked so low is because he has poor shot selection at times and takes too many three-pointers when he can simply slash to the basket. He can also improve on his perimeter shooting by getting more arc on his shot and getting more lift on his jump.

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4 comments on “Mailbag Question: Who has the most potential (Class of 2012)?

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  2. […] overall jump shot is flatter than you would like to see at this stage of his development. However, I fully expect him to improve on these two weaknesses and to eventually reach the top 25 in the rank…. He will be joining small forward Evan Nolte and center Mike Tobey in Virginia’s 2012 […]

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