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Impact of Pelphrey’s firing on his top ten recruiting class

With the firing of Arkansas head coach John Pelphrey today, the top-ten recruiting class he put together could now fall apart depending on who the Razorbacks hire to take his place. Three of the five Arkansas commits, including #32 overall Ky Madden, are in-state guys so it looks like the Razorbacks could still be favored just because they’re the home team. Madden and top-commit #22 overall B.J. Young also signed with them at the beginning of the 2010 school year and Mickelson and Ross (just out of the top-50) signed before their senior seasons so the top-four guys have been committed for a while. However, the two top candidates for the head coaching job, Mike Anderson (Missouri) and Buzz Williams (Marquette) haven’t been involved in the recruitment in any of these guys so it should be interesting to see the relationships that they’re able to build not just with the prospects but with their families, coaches, and inner-circle in a short amount of time before next year. The only exception is B.J. Young who considered Marquette but the Golden Eagles were not seen as one of his top choices.

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