Notes from St. Patrick (#1) vs. St. Anthony (#2)

Here’s some quick mental notes I took during the epic showdown that featured #2 overall class of 2011 Michael Gilchrist (Kentucky) against #25 overall class of 2012 Kyle Anderson (Undecided).


  • He consistently crashes the boards (finished with 12) and gets good position underneath the basket when boxing out
  • He’s a great shot-blocker (finished with five) despite average length due to great timing, especially in transition when he hustles and comes out of nowhere
  • He needs to attack the basket more when he isn’t hitting his outside shots
  • He tended to stay away from slashing after he wasn’t able to get off good shots in the previous possessions
  • He plays good post-defense and perimeter-defense
  • He can knock down the three-pointer with a man in his face
  • He has the ability to bring the ball up the floor but starts to turn the ball over against pressure defense
  • He is so versatile that he can grab the rebound, run the ball down the floor, and then use his floor vision to find the open cutter to the basket


  • He utilizes his length beautifully on both offense and defense and provides good back-side help
  • He has a very nice turn-around, fade-away jumper that he can hit on the block or in the mid-range game, and is nearly unguardable
  • He’s a good rebounder due to his length but could get a lot better if he adds some strength to his frame
  • He excels in transition since he has good floor vision to pass it and is able to finish through contact
  • He needs to improve his perimeter shot
  • He has a solid post-game and uses the pump-fake very effectively
  • He has a good cross-over and other perimeter moves to get by his defender and be an effective slasher
  • He is a clutch player who steps up in big situations, proven by his performance last night in the fourth quarter

2 comments on “Notes from St. Patrick (#1) vs. St. Anthony (#2)

  1. Mr. Kyle Anderson , Great showing yesterday and way to represent NJ. I Look forward to watching you hoop it up all spring/summer and for your Sr. year with the Friars. Your B-Ball IQ is out of this world! You’d be a perfect fit for the Blue & Grey! Good luck in the T.O.C

  2. […] very clutch by stepping up in the fourth quarter when his team needed him the most. See more of the notes on Anderson‘s play against St. Patrick, the game recap of the #1 vs. #2 battle, and his evaluation to […]

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