Daniel Ochefu Interview Transcript

Thanks to #21 overall prospect Daniel Ochefu for doing the interview with us. Ochefu is a center out of Westtown, Pennsylvania who goes to Westtown School and stands at 6’9”, 225. Click here or on the interviews page to view the full transcript of our interview with Ochefu. Here’s the evaluation of Ochefu:

21. Daniel Ochefu C (Undecided)- Ochefu is another one of those multi-skilled big-men that the class of 2012 has many of. He’s one of the best at passing out of the post, he’s one of the better ball-handlers among big men, and he has a great face-to-the-basket game highlighted by his ability to step out and hit the jumper. He is also a very intelligent player who can rebound the well and is a great shot-blocker. Ochefu is simply a team-player who will do whatever it takes to win whether he needs to score 25 points or 5 points. He needs to improve on his back-to-the-basket game and run the floor more but he will be a good player whether he chooses to go big-time D-I or to a mid-major.

We have more interviews lined up and post them every Monday so keep checking up to see what the top prospects are saying.

2 comments on “Daniel Ochefu Interview Transcript

  1. Daniel .. Wish You well regardless of what school you pick. Although We’d Love for you to be the next great Hoya on the Hilltop at BIGMAN U!

  2. […] overall prospect Daniel Ochefu committed to Villanova yesterday over Georgetown, Temple, and Texas, giving the Wildcats one of the […]

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