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Mailbag Question: Kentucky 2011, best class ever?

How does this year’s recruiting class for Kentucky compare to the Wall, Cousins, Bledsoe, and Orton class?”- Dave (Lexington)

Like I said in my class rankings, this Wildcat recruiting class legitimately rivals the ’09 class. However, I would take the ’09 class over this one because it’s very difficult to do better than two first-team All-Americans, a 35 win season, two top-five picks (including the #1 overall pick), and four first round picks. This class is definitely rated higher coming out of high school with three of the top four prospects and four top-25 players, but I would argue that the ’09 class is better and if you were to go back and re-rank that class Wall and Cousins would easily be the top two recruits. Although he didn’t make a huge impact, JUCO recruit Darnell Dodson also made the most three-pointers for the 2009-2010 Kentucky team, which was clearly their weakness. However, the Wildcats aren’t finished with their recruiting class yet since DeAndre Daniels and Trevor Lacey are both still considering them so if Kentucky lands either prospect that would definitely push this class over the ’09 one.

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