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Mailbag Question: Best position in the class of 2011?

“What’s the best position in this year’s recruiting class?”– Jake (Maryland)

Looking at the top-50, there are more elite players at the two guard then any other position.  There are seven shooting guards in the top 21 and two in the top six between #1 overall recruit Austin Rivers and #6 overall Bradley Beal. A big reason the shooting guards are so good is because they are the best scorers in the class. Another important thing to consider is most of them create open shots for their teammates so even when they aren’t having a good night they can get the rest of their team involved. Wayne Blackshear and Michael Carter-Williams are two more examples of why the shooting guards in the class are so productive since they are good secondary ball-handlers and are even good enough passers to run the point at times. This group of shooting guards is also very good on defense and have the length and quickness to guard multiple perimeter positions such as Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

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One comment on “Mailbag Question: Best position in the class of 2011?

  1. […] our top three offensive players in #1 Austin Rivers (Duke), #6 Bradley Beal (Florida), and #15 Kentavious Caldwell-Pope […]

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