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Mailbag Question

Who has the biggest downside in your top five prospects for 2011?

Every prospect who is in the top-five already possesses a lot of talent and has shown that they are elite in one way or another. For example, Rivers is the best scorer, Gilchrist is the best all-around player, Teague is the best point guard, Davis is the most versatile, and Miller is the most explosive. However, with that being said, the guy who is in the top-five and has more potential and less skills than everyone else is Anthony Davis. That’s not saying Davis isn’t a great player, but his skill set just isn’t at the level of everyone else’s. The reason he is in the top-five is because of his potential since he is close to seven feet tall and has great shot-blocking and rebounding abilities. Also, he has good perimeter skills on the perimeter since he used to play guard before he grew seven inches in a year. Here’s the evaluation for Davis:

Saying Anthony Davis is versatile at 6’11” is an understatement. The former guard is a force down low being a tremendous shot blocker and rebounder and is very good at guarding the perimeter against smaller players. He can also handle the ball well and is a good passer. Davis is very unselfish and has the ability to create shots for his teammates. Additionally, being a former guard, he can score off the dribble and can play with his back to the basket or facing the basket. He is just a very tough match-up due to his versatility. His shooting is respectable and is a dominant offensive rebounder which allows him to get a lot of easy put-backs. Davis’ potential is unlimited and the sky is the limit for this him, which is why he is ranked #4. He can improve by putting on some muscle to his 200-pound frame but you got to give him some time given that he grew seven inches in the past year. He can stay out on the perimeter too much at times but as he gets more used to his newfound height he will camp out more in the paint. Look for Davis to dominate at Kentucky next year and be an impact-player in the NBA.

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