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Mailbag Question

“Who do you think are the three most underrated prospects on national lists compared to yours?- Dylan from Maryland

One of the most underrated prospects in my opinion is Josiah Turner, who is heading to Arizona next year. Turner is the most physically gifted point-guard in the class and has a great combination of scoring ability and passing. He has great handles and gets to the bucket easily. He is a very exciting player who is quick, fast, and strong. Turner only needs to improve on his outside shooting but his mid-range game is good and he finishes well with his left hand when he is forced to by defenders. He simply has great moves to make scoring opportunities for him and his teammates that are hard to explain in words (just watch his highlight tape by clicking his name). He will be a big-time player at Arizona next year and will make a huge impact.

Another very underrated prospect is Duke-commit Quinn Cook. Cook is a very nifty passer who has great floor vision. He is excellent at creating scoring opportunities for his teammates and is a great finisher when he gets in the lane. He is very good at penetrating and kicking out (which is perfect for Coach K’s offense) and is fast and quick. His intangles are also all there being widelyand is a tremendous leader who has a high basketball IQ. Some areas Cook needs to work include his shooting, although it’s respectable, and his strength and shot selection. A nice quality about him is that he can handle defensive pressure well and apply it himself when he’s on defense himslef. He should be a very good point guard at Duke by the time Irving is gone.

Ben McLemore is another severly underrated prospect, who is undecided on where he’s going to college. McLemore is an explosive athlete who can stroke it beyond the arc and can finish strong when he gets into the lane. He sets his feet extremely well before he shoots whether he’s shooting from 5 feet out or 25 feet out. He can catch and shoot well and can play any of the perimeter positions. He is a solid rebounder and great defender due to his length and quickness, and has an advantage over some other recruits due to the competition he plays day-in and day-out by playing for the best high school team in the country (Oak Hill). McLemore needs to add muscle to his frame and improve his ball-handling but look for him to keep improving his game and to help out whoever he decides to play for.

*Feel free to email me your questions any time at bubbapaunil@aol.com. Also, please provide your first name and where you’re from but it isn’t required.

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