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A good fit for Parker

Class of 2012 big man Tony Parker recently said that style of play is an important factor in his selection process, which could bode well for Ohio State and North Carolina. Parker said that “With a team like Ohio State, you can tell that their offense provides Sullinger with a lot of space,” something that would fit Parker very well since he eats up space down low in the post and works very well on the block. Although he is able to score from the high post and outside the paint, he loves getting touches in the low post. “Any big would be lying if they didn’t want to get post touches,” said Parker. The Tar Heels could also be a front-runner since in his words, “Carolina’s secondary break will work to get them a post touch and run some offense.” Regardless of where he ends up going, it’s clear that he is making an educated choice by breaking down tapes of his interested schools and studying them so he understands the role that big men play in their system. His other schools that he talked about in the interview were Duke and Georgetown, which may be an indicator that Georgia is falling behind.

One comment on “A good fit for Parker

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